• Taste the Origin

  • Taste the Origin

  • Maw Dans

    finally got to purchase their products for the first time and i couldn't be more pleased!

    not only was the product i chose of excellent quality but their staff was polite, accommodating and very well-versed in matters of beef. they patiently answered my questions (amateur steak cook here) until i found the perfect item to order.

    will definitely be ordering again soon and hopefully on a regular basis

  • Geo Torres

    Had some sirloin and prime rib steaks and I have to say those were one of the best steaks I've had in my life. Love everything about this meatshop; the products, the staff, the location, and that fact that the products come from Bukidnon. Looks like I'll be a loyal customer.

  • Cedric Yang

    "For me the best steak I bought in the Philippines so far. Very nice piece of meat."